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Brandenburg event calendars

brandenburg event calendar

In Brandenburg there are many events which make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Visit one of many cultural events, a theatre, concert or simply dive into the known nightlife in this nice region. Here you find a small choice of eventcalendars from Brandenburg.


Blankenseer Musiksommer
We are pleased you as a lover of classical music, to welcome organ, orchestral and choral music on our website and invite you to our concerts after a Blankensee! Start your weekend with good music but fascinating area, and start the next morning in the beautiful landscape of the nature reserve Nuthe Nieplitz.


Perleberg Festival
Since 1998, the pearl mountain festival already exists and has been a fixture in Perleberger event calendar. Initially the festival was still adding "folk song & world music" in the name, and took place in the context of intercultural week. Was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the left dome of the Brandenburg state parliament Thomas Circle Pearl Mountain Festival, which takes over since the organization of the festival.


Prignitz summer - a historically grown cultural space
Prignitz summer is an extensive and diverse art and cultural events. The Cultural Network "Prignitz summer" embodies a very ergenisreiche concentration of cultural and artistic, regional capacities. In addition to presenting to the outside have the Culture and Arts Festival Day "Prignitz summer" the important task of promoting the recovery of the regional identity of the PrignitzerInnen active. Particular importance to the territorial location as a border region.


Uckermärkische Blasmusikfest in Angermünde
Since 1993, this event has evolved, which is now in the wind musicians in Brandenburg and Berlin a fixed size. Many musicians have already visited in Angermuende. We invite you to take down even further on the history of Uckermärkischen brass music festival.


Das Uckermärkische Pappbootrennen
Meanwhile, it's become a tradition that we start the year we organize a beach party in Hindenburg Pappbootrennen. Be evaluated not only the time measured on the different distances in each age group, but also the creativity in the design of the costumes Pappboote and the boat operator. You can win trophies in addition to the other 4 main prizes. For entertainment, music, comedy and children's amusement as well as the physical well-being is taken care of adequately.


Uckermärkische Kulturagentur
The Uckermark is not only a region of unspoiled nature, but also offers its residents and visitors a diverse and cultural life. As one of the pillars of the extensive cultural offer in Uckermark gGmbH is the Uckermärkische Culture Executive Agency under the direction of Jürgen bishop. She is the winner of the Prussian Chamber Orchestra.


Nikolaisaal Potsdam
Who wants to hear good music in Potsdam, does not come around him: For 13 years, the Nikolaisaal Potsdam's first address for contemporaries with delicate ears. Located in downtown concert hall thrilled a large audience thanks to its fancy interior, excellent acoustics and blinkers free program diversity. For special star appearances and events such as the legendary "Potsdamer crossover concerts" or the foyer concerts of the cult series "The Voice in Concert" takes so many now long ways up.